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"The hardest thing is losing the location of firefighters once they are inside buildings or out of line of sight" -- Captain, Fire Department

"The biggest priority is keeping fire personnel safe" -- Chief Fire Department

"The safety of first responders inside the building has been one of the greatest challenges for us.  I appreciate that you have engaged with us on this important problem" -- Chief Fire Department

"The biggest challenge is personnel accountability.  This is an urgent issue, and we cannot put any price tag on first responder's lives" -- Battalian Chief Fire Department

Coordination and Localization

"Location information is critical for mission success and that is how we save public and property…If we are able to improve response time by one minute, we save  thousands of lives over a year" -- Captain Fire Department

"Coordination of response is affected if firefighter location is unknown, and our success or failure is very much tied to it" -- Chief Fire Department

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